Project Brief

To remove exiting ventilation equipment, and re-design, manufacture & install a Ventilation system to remove the glue fumes from the upholstery department.

Fume extraction

Having provided ventilation services for Sunseeker for a number of years, we were called in to assist with the re-location of their Upholstery Department, as they had outgrown their existing facility.

We were asked to remove a large extraction canopy where they would place items of furniture whilst the adhesive cured, as well as a large wall mounted extraction chamber. This chamber would remove the fumes from the adhesive as it was sprayed onto the furniture.

The removal was as straight forward as expected. The challenges arose when we had to fit the equipment in the new area.

As the pictures show, there were countless obstructions such as sprinkler pipes, supporting columns, lighting grids etc. However, using our in-house CAD facilities we were able to come up with a design that worked efficiently, and allowed the re-installation to be carried out without any major down time.